All the cool kids were posting their Triple Treble genderbends so I decided to do mine too.

I’ve said this before but I’m of the opinion boy!Chloe would be ruggedly handsome and have tousled hair that constantly made him look like he just crawled out of a bed of making love with broad shoulders and the tanned skin of an athlete in the sun while boy!Aubrey would be very pretty, like how does your face even work and you would just want to stare at how neat and clean and polished he looked so much so that you overlook the granddad sweaters and just keep admiring this polished image of elegance and class. Together, they are an unstoppable force of ovary explosions. (Boy!Aubrey just wants Boy!Chloe to comb his hair and shave, though.)

Boy!Beca rocks the starved emo artist look with constantly haggard looking dark circle and this expression like ‘oh my god what am I doing here why does that ginger guy keep looking at me like that?’ He’s pale from not going out much and he could probably use a bit more time sleeping instead of making mix after mix and that. His cheekbones poke through a little more. There’s a version of him on my hard drive with guyliner but I figured this way was better. More grunge.